Saturday, January 29, 2011

My kids at the yarn store...

If I am allowed to say so myself, I have three fantastic little girls.  Case in point - taking them to a yarn store.
My oldest saved up her quarters to buy this ball of yarn.  She found it in the yarn store, begged and pleaded, and when mommy said she had to use her own money, she DID.  The girl appreciates yarn!  Then there's this one:
Have some YARN, Mommy!
 She is so quiet at the yarn store she goes nearly unnoticed as she carefully picks up the yarn, smells it, then puts it back.  Why does she smell it?  "It smells like YARN, Mommy!"  Her favorite?  Malabrigo Worsted.  Especially if it's orange.  The littlest miss isn't allowed to touch the yarn yet, because it always goes right into her mouth.

She clearly appreciates our efforts, though.  And hey, she only puts her FAVORITE things in her mouth, right?

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