Friday, January 7, 2011

In search of the perfect hook...

I admit it.  I've become something of a hook snob.  I discovered this working on my sock.  I was just incredibly frustrated, and couldn't figure out why.  Then I took a closer look.  I was not using an inline hook.  It was one of those Boye style hooks.  Teh horrors!  Thus began my search.  First I went to the yarn store by my mom's house (as I was down there for Christmas anyway).  They had it, but only in Brittany Birch.  For a 3.5mm, I don't trust myself not to break it.  Then behind the Clover Soft Touches I saw them... Susan Bates Quicksilver.  My favorite hook.  They only had 3.75mm.  ARGH!  So the next day I was on a quest.  Inline, 3.5mm, preferably metal.  I called four yarn stores.  Two didn't have any at all.  One was closed until after the fourth (and I wanted it NOW).  Finally I called the Twisted Knit.  They have Brittany Rosewoods, which is a harder wood, so less prone to breakage.  Maybe, just maybe.  They also offered to order me an Addi hook.  I'm not sure what kind of head they have tho, and that's the important part... it must be an inline head!

Then I stopped by Joanns and found the right size in Susan Bates Silvalume.  For two dollars.  Yeah, it's a funny kind of snob I've become.  I'll probably still order some Quicksilvers from the Colorado Springs yarn store tho.  Just, you know, later.  When I'm in less of an "instant gratification" sort of mood.

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