All About Me!

Me and my four girls.  And tacos.

My first ever pattern was designed because I wanted to make bonnets to donate to the hospital bereavement program for itty bitty premies... and the only pattern I could find was knit! I crochet much faster than I knit, so I had to fix that. Then I wanted a hat for my brand new baby, and we were stuck in the hospital with no internet... then I wanted to make a very specific sweater for my little girl... and that was it! I can't stop now! I particularly enjoy crochet cables and lace -- anything with a fun texture -- but also like to knit socks, of all things. My patterns will probably reflect those tastes, but I've surprised myself before.

Other than yarning, I take care of my kids and edit Japanese>English translations on a very part time basis.

My design guinea pigs include my husband and foru daughters. I also occasionally rope my mother and two younger sisters into this crazy world of mine.