Monday, October 13, 2014

Yarn Review: Skeindalous Eartha Sock

So, this company's logo is really entertaining to me.
It comes in really nice colors too, and is super soft.  At 65% merino, 35% bamboo, that's not surprising, and it is lovely and shiny too.  The thing that surprised me is how well it is standing up to my usual ridiculous amount of frogging.  Still knits up just as pretty on the third go!  It is however a little on the splitty side, which is not super surprising as the twist is light for a sock yarn.  Not terrible - but you have to be careful if you're doing crazy decreases or dropping down to fix something.  It would make quite a stunning shawl, as well - nice and durable, but with the softness and drape of a yarn with a less firm twist.  It is also on the lighter end of fingering weight - you might want to knit at a slightly smaller gauge than usual.

Speaking of crazy decreases:

The next pattern in Home State Botany: Colorado - Columbine - is currently in testing, and came out really nicely.  It is also in preorder, and the final pattern should be ready early November!

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