Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Yarn Review: All for Love of Yarn Seella

You may have noticed something new on Knitty.

I designed those socks!  And they are in Knitty, and this is super exciting!  (Hi everybody from Knitty!)  They also happen to be made out of one of my very favorite yarns, All for Love of Yarn Seella.  "Seella" apparently means "strong" in Russian, and at 75% BFL (strong!) and 25% nylon (strong!), this yarn earns it.  I have another pair in this same yarn that I have dried in the dryer, and they come out looking brand new.  I can frog it as many times as I like and it has never gotten ratty on me.  This is seriously yarn of steel.  But it does not feel like steel - it is still luscious and soft on the toes.  And of course it comes in Angela's special non-pooling variegated colorways, for added awesome.

My pattern is socks knit sideways - so the cables run the other way.  I love non-standard sock construction, but I won't just do it for fun, I need a good reason (because there are reasons that toe up and cuff down are standard!).  I'm really pleased with how these turned out, and the cables were interesting to make.  Plus they look awesome with my Sunday shoes.  So they are called Socks of Angst but I don't think they caused me any, what do you know.

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  1. Hi, Kim,My knitting pal sent me a link to your knitty SOCKS OF ANGST
    Because she thinks I'm up to the challenge. ( She mentioned nothing about knitting them herself)
    I love new and interesting and have downloaded your pattern onto my iPad.
    It may be a while before it's CO as there are several projects I need to complete (fingers crossed) BUT it is being put on my list.

    Thanks for creating such an interesting method of sock knitting and great looking sock.
    Hugs 'n Smiles