Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yarn Along the Rockies, part 3

Yarn Along the Rockies!  We went to five yarn stores yesterday, and had lots of fun.  Also got lost.  But fun!  So, acquired:

Swag: just buttons for my bag.

Purchased: 1 skein Dizzy Blond Superwash Sock (it comes with a stitch marker!), 1 skein Skeindalous Eartha Sock

Stores visited:

Bags by CAB: If you want to go here, make sure you have the right address, then google map the *address.*  If you just search for the store name, it will take you to a place that was, apparently, two locations ago.  We ended up at the two locations ago place first, which was annoying, but not the store's fault.  There was however a nice restaurant there, so we had snazzy lunch.  When we finally got there, the store is at least half bag store.  But what yarn they do carry is nice.

Wild Yarns: I like this store.  :)  They specialize in local hand dyed yarns, which is about my favorite thing ever, and have their shelves labeled as "dyed in (place)."  They also have other nifty local hand made things.  Easy to find, to boot, which was nice after the fiasco with the first store.  I wish they were closer to my house!  This is where I got the Dizzy Blond (dyed in California).

Lamb Shoppe: Big yarn store!  They also have a little cafe inside that has coffee and tea and stuff.  Also, a corner with toys for the kiddos, which I always appreciate.  We didn't get to linger here because the children were getting hungry again, but there is a place next door that has super tasty frozen custard treats.

Fabric Bliss: This was my favorite yarn store until I went to Stash this weekend, and it is still a close second. They carry nice quilting stuff as well as yarn, and it is nice yarn!  This is where I got the Skeindalous - it is a special limited edition colorway for the yarn crawl.  They do that every year.  Last year the special yarn was from Pigeonroof Studios, one of my favorite dyers.  I wish they were closer to my house too!

Knit Knack: These guys are all the way in Arvada!  That is much further away than I initially believed!  They are a nice store though, right in the downtown.  They have a little cafe with drinks in the yarn store, too, which I always like.  Little girl tried to take some yarn home from here, so I had to take her back.  She had to give it a good-bye hug, which was very cute.

We're taking a break until Friday, when we are going to do the rest of the Denver area stores (what we have been calling the "outer loop"), then on Saturday we will go up to Boulder for the last three stores.  We are almost done!

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