Sunday, September 22, 2013

Yarn Along the Rockies, Part 1

So me and my mom are participating in the Yarn Along the Rockies yarn crawl this year.  Nine days!  Twenty three yarn stores!  MADNESS!  So I thought I'd give a report on all these yarn stores.  Yesterday we went to five, and received:

Swag: 3 bottles Kookaburra Wash, 1 bottle Kookaburra Delicate (it smells like flowers!), 1 pen, 1 sample Eucalan, 1 nail file with llamas on it, 1 tube chapstick, 1 felted bag pattern.

Purchased: Official yarn crawl tote bag (also received: one pin for each yarn store visited, except one), a bunch of tatting stuff for the big girl's birthday, a 5.5 mm crochet hook (to replace one I lost), 1 ball Kiwi lace weight (it has possums in it!), 1 tiny felted purse.

The stores we visited were:

Green Valley Weavers and Knitters:  I like this store.  They have just about everything, but you have to ask to find anything.  This is where most of the tatting stuff came from.  Also, they had a super cute tortie kitten frolicking by the register.

Wooly Works:  If you like tatting, or thread crochet, or just like thread size #10 or smaller, go to this store.  They have about six MILLION colors.  This is where the rest of the tatting stuff (ie, the thread) came from.  Was suddenly glad I didn't buy thread at Green Valley, there was a better selection here!  These guys didn't have the button to go on my bag, though.  Super annoyed!

Needleworks by Holly Berry:  This is one of those yarn stores that is actually mostly a random rick rack store.  I got lost in their embroidery and needlework thread section.  One of the employees was really grumpy, but I don't blame her because it was SUPER crowded!

Table Rock Llamas:  I actually go to this yarn store all the time, because they are kinda right by my mom's house.  We are super excited because they didn't get burned down this summer!  Remember to go to the back building - that's where all the cool spinning/dying/SALE stuff is.

Stash:  This is my new favorite yarn store, despite them being twenty minutes from my mom's house and nearly forty minutes from mine.  They have tons of super nerdy stuff, like this hat:
As well as super rare yarns - like 100% mink, or 100% Tibetan yak - for super reasonable prices.  This is where I got the tiny felted purse.  It clips onto the belt loops on my pants!

Tomorrow we are planning on going to five more yarn stores, so I will try to keep you posted.  We're doing our best to go to them all this year!

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