Monday, September 23, 2013

Yarn Along the Rockies, Part 2

Still doing Yarn Along the Rockies.  Today's conclusion: seven yarn stores may be too many for one day, especially if you have three small children with you.  They were very good girls.  Just holy CRAP are we tired now!  So today:

Swag: another Eucalan sample, several coupons, buttons to go on my bag.

Purchased: 1 ball Koigu KPPPM (this color looks like sprinkles!).

The swag is a lot less here in the heart of the yarn crawl.  I wonder if it will get more again as I move back toward outlying regions.  Also, towards yarn stores that are NOT going out of business.  But anyway, stores visited today were:

Zen Knitting: These guys are closing.  Their normal location is actually already closed, and their remaining stock is being sold at screaming deals from another store.  Kinda lame, and inconvenient because this was the yarn store closest to my house.

Knitty Cat:  Also closing.  They still have a fair amount of yarn, and TONS of books, and some fabric, for screaming deals, but from what I hear after the yarn crawl they are no more.  This was the second closest yarn store to my house.  GAH!

Colorful Yarns:  Still plans on being in business next week!  Yay!  I really like this store for browsing, I've found all kinds of interesting things there.  They also have monthly sales that are awesome, so if you live in the area, get on their email newsletter.  Also: they had lots of snacks for yarn crawlers.

A Knitted Peace:  I've actually never been to this one before, which was cool.  They have the largest selection of non-wool yarns I've ever seen - cotton and linen and hemp and all kinds of stuff.  They also have a toy bin under the window for kids, which was awesome, because little girl wanted me to stand next to her while she admired herself in the full length mirror in one corner.  BORING.  Also. made me wish I had bought that mink yarn yesterday, because it was significantly more expensive here.

Blazing Star Ranch:  This yarn store is actually inside a vacuum cleaner store.  Selection is limited, but almost all from local ranchers and dyers, which is cool.  They also have tons of spinning supplies, like wheels and stuff. The children wanted to use the wheels as bicycles, so we had to hustle out of there.

Fancy Tiger Crafts:  If you are into any craft involving yarn, thread, fabric, or paper, you will love this store.  If you are into multiple such crafts, you may have a hard time ever leaving.  Also, the road they are on is both four lanes wide and one way.  Down town Denver is an odd place.

I Love Knitting:  When I visited these guys last year, my first thought was "man these guys need to get organized," because there was basically yarn everywhere.  They are looking MUCH better now!  They are also within reasonable driving distance of my house, which is a relief after the first two stops today.  This is where I bought the Koigu.  They are also right next to an awesome French bakery, which is unfortunately closed on Mondays.  GAH!

We're going to go again tomorrow, and then rest until Friday.  We are definitely on track to go to ALL the yarn stores.  Fun!

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