Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Broomstick crochet is making me mad.

Super duper slow progress, but progress none the less.
But it's not the pattern's fault, or the technique's fault.  It is entirely my own dang impatient self's fault.  First of all, none of the stores around here carry knitting needles big enough, so I had to make a makeshift tool out of a dowel.  I sanded it carefully and rubbed it with oil.  It is still way too grippy, even for my very slippery bamboo blend yarn.  So that's frustration number one.  Frustration number two: the loop row is SO FREAKING SLOW.  I'm sure it's a matter of practice.  I'm sure I will get faster.  But right now it's slow and I'm frustrated!  My other issue with it is if I screw up either the loop row or the crochet row, I have to rip out back to the beginning of the loop row.  I can't get the loops back onto the stick to save my life.  Sigh.  The result is so pretty!  I guess I need a break from it.  Maybe I'll work on those colorwork mittens that have been sitting untouched on my desk for so long.

And this is how I ended up with so many random WIPs lying around the house.  And to think, I WIPed down once already this year.  I'm doomed, but in a fun way.

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  1. See if you find very large knitting needles online. If I cannot find instore what I need I order it thru Amazon.com or any other store that carries yarn and handcraft supplies. There are quite a few sites available to order from whatever I need. Good luck with your project. I have large needles from plastic and they work quite well. Even though my first love is crochet I also love to knit.

    Good luck. The patient person will achieve her or his goal I always say. One stitch at a time. And believe me even an experienced person can run into things at times.