Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yarn Review: Your Mom Knits Lolo

The next pattern in Homestate Botany: Colorado - Indian Paintbrush - is actually already finished.  And even out of testing.  Slowly but surely, I will catch up on all my stuffs.  For this one I used this super awesome yarn:
Oh wait that was just the packaging.  Isn't it *cute?*  It was like Christmas in my mailbox!  I love it when yarnies add these extra little touches.  Also, it came with a super cute "Your Mom Knits" button:
Cute button is cute!  I freely admit I have no use whatsoever for little buttons like this, but I still like it, and it is currently displayed on my Yarn Along the Rockies tote with all my other useless buttons that I like.  And of course the yarn is really pretty, too:
This yarn is actually a little more variegated than it looks in the skein, which scared me at first - I have been burned trying to design in variegated yarn before - but this turned out really pretty.  You can still see the stitchwork, but the yarn is super fun all by itself, too.

My one issue is that this yarn did not take frogging so well.  That being said, I did frog it A LOT.  Seriously, I restarted that first sock literally four times, and one of those was from after the heel turn.  Those first few yards got a little thingy.

All in all though, I would use it again in a heartbeat.  It is super pretty, the finished fabric is really nice, and the customer service really takes the cake.  You just might want to be a better (or at least less error-prone) knitter than I am.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Playing Catch Up

I swear I am still alive and mostly unwounded, even.  I have however been very busy.  Aspen is out of testing, and turned out very nicely.  Thanks again to all the wonderful peeps who helped me out!  I have also released the second sock, Indian Paintbrush:

Again, yay testers - I couldn't do this without you!  I also owe y'all a review of the yarn I used, Your Mom Knits Lolo.  Short version: super scrumptious.  The third and final pattern in this book - Columbine - is coming along, albeit more slowly than I would like.  Which brings us to why I'm only mostly unwounded.  I'll spare you the details, but my right hand had a bit of an accident with a steak knife, so knitting is quite painful right now.  Fortunately typing is not a problem, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up on the computer side of my work.

Also, this came out this month:

I may be slow, but I'm also in Interweave, baby!