Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November is for getting stuff done.

You'be probably heard of all the Na(something something)Mo things.  Knit a sweater, write a blog, write a novel, the whole point is to get stuff done in November.  Lots and lots of stuff.  Personally, I'm going to take a  cue from both NaKniSweMo and NaBloPoMo and work on a sweater design and talk to y'all about it here on my blog.  With any luck at all I will also get my camera and my computer back on speaking terms, and thus be able to show you lots of pictures of work-in-progress sweater.  Although it is a crochet sweater.  Cut me some slack, I'm designing the darn thing, if I had to knit it too I would never get it done this month.  Crochet = much faster.  I hope.  Did I mention it's in fingering weight?
I'm liking it so far anyway, even though it is still just yarn.

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