Thursday, September 8, 2011

Woe are my wrists!

So, remember when I jacked up my arm?  Well, it turns out that I don't just have a weather vane knee any more... I have a season-vane wrist.  Yes I just made up a word.  Basically, I'm getting pain now that we're making the transition to fall weather.  It's not enough to stop me, but that might be a problem in and of itself.  If I over do it, I'll just make things worse.  Other things that irritate my poor joints are typing, playing video games (especially the Wii), and pretty much any other fine motor activity.  I am clearly doomed.  Also, need to locate my wrist braces.


  1. I hope it's not messing with knitting. Argh! Why do our bodies not agree with our activities?

  2. Not too much... I have to remember to take frequent stretch breaks, but really, I should do that anyway. I agree, silly bodies, they should get with the program. :D