Saturday, May 17, 2014

I am filled with good news.

As you may know, in December I had to suddenly move to Virginia.  This was terrible because Colorado and Virginia are far apart, we only had three weeks notice, and we don't know anybody in Western Virginia.  But it is wonderful because of this:

That would be my 100 year old farm house, with my pasture and my barn behind it.  You can't see the coop, but it's there, as well as more pasture in the front.  And we have a creek.  So totally worth it, because I love living here!

That does mean, however, that I have something of a backlog, especially in blogging.  First news: I started a new ebook!  This time I'm doing knitted socks.  It's a little bittersweet to now be publishing Home State Botany: Colorado, a collection of patterns in Colorado dyed yarn, inspired by Colorado dyed plants.  The first patter, Aspen, is in testing right now and is available for preorder.  As you know when I have a new pattern I like to do a review of the yarn I used, so those will be coming up soon, too.  First I need to go feed my ducks.

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